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Maritime Marionettes
Reviews, Evaluations & Recommendations

In this area you will find a growing collection of feedback we've received for our performances. If you have attended one of our shows and have any comments you'd like to share - please contact us.

December 11, 2010

"Thank-you for the Maritime Marionettes!

I just want to pass on my gratitude to all who are sponsoring and facilitating this work in Dartmouth. It was a most wonderful and surprising experience when I attended the show Rumplestilskin. The level of artistry was unbelievable. The adaption of the story and choice of music was exquisite.

I went again to the nativity story, and found it most moving. As a Dartmouth resident, it is something I am proud lives in my community. I do believe it has a positive moral impact on those who watch it. So I only wish the audience was packed...with seniors, those less privileged, individuals with special needs, as well as lots of children. What a real education that would be...and a seed of hope that 'lives happily ever after."

- Sincerely, Margaret Osmond

Le lutin solitaire - Saint-Jean NB - un gros merci
March 16, 2008

"Je tenais à vous remercier pour le magnifique spectacle que vous nous avez offert hier après-midi, au Centre Samuel-de-Champlain, à Saint-Jean. Mon fils de 3 ans, Noah, et son ami de 2 ans, Olivier ont été charmés. Mon amie et moi n'avions pas beaucoup confiance en la patience de nos enfants, mais ils sont restés assis dans la première rangée, et accrochés à l'histoire pendant une heure. Nous étions tout étonnées de nos garçons!

Vous avez fait un magnifique travail. Les marionnettes sont superbes et l'histoire était charmante.

Merci encore une fois et longue vie à votre troupe de marionnettes!"

- Geneviève Roberge

The Lonely Leprechaun [Yukon Tour May/June 2007]

"Very good voices, expression, acoustics. Very artistic puppets - loved the babies. Message was understandable; lessons learned by children: prevent global warming."
- Takhini Elementary School, Whitehorse

"Thought it was an excellent puppet show. The conservation aspect was the right level for our kids. They (the performers) did a great job. Also, they were able to connect with our kids by answering questions."
- Del Van Gorder School, Faro

"A wonderful opportunity for students in an isolated northern town to have access to this type of performance. An excellent show that entertained children and adults alike."
- Del Van Gorder School, Faro

"I found the artists to be highly professional, well rehearsed and skilled performers. The audience, including myself, sat in complete silence fully absorbed by the performance and story content. The theme of the play was well chosen and highly appropriate for all ages. The message was understood by all. The puppets were extremely well crafted and contributed to the overall appeal of the performance."
- Del Van Gorder School, Faro

"The students K-12 were impressed. They gave all their attention, which with so vast an age difference, seldom can an entertainer grab."
- Susan Kirklan, 3/4/5 teacher - Del Van Gorder School, Faro

"The students and teachers said that it was great! It was a bonus to have it in French!!! A big thank-you."
- Whitehorse Elementary

The Lonely Leprechaun
[Nova Scotia & New Brunswick School Tours, 2006-07]

"The quality of the performance and the characters are second to none! The children were enthralled and felt very inspired to clap along with the music. Question period after was important and well handled. Very topical storyline ~ delivered effectively and professionally."
- S. Hirst Barker's Point, Fredericton

"Performance was thoroughly enjoyed by students and staff. Marionettes incredibly life-like and the artists ability to make them come to life amazing! Extremely talented. Thank you."
- Lesley MacInnis V-P, Central Spryfield Elementary, Halifax

"Very professional performance. I also liked the interaction at the end of the show. The students had interesting questions and the lady answering the questions kept very good control of the audience. Very enjoyable show."
- Coxheath Elem. Sydney

"Performance was professionally done with focus on a timely topic-global warming/working together. I found it integrated very well with several literacy activities I did as a follow-up."
- Audrey Murphy, V-P Coxheath Elem, Sydney

"This was one of the most fantastic presentations we have had at our school in quite some time. So good, we've asked them back to do a workshop on Marionette making. Staff and students thoroughly enjoyed it. A+ "
- Greg Moffitt Principal Garden Creek School, N.B.

"*timing was perfect; exactly right for this Pr-6 age group.
*excellent sound gear is greatly appreciated. The sound filled the entire gym.
*lighting and staging worked extremely well.
*the themes were age appropriate."
- Lois McVannel, Music teacher Le Marchant-St. Thomas Elem., Halifax

"A super performance - students were very involved in the show - very professional - highly recommend this group!!!"
- Mary Anne Hanson V-P, Nackawic Elem., N.B.

"Great show two years in a row!!"
- Duane McLellan - Principal Salem Elem., Sackville, N.B.

"My students loved the performance!! They came to school the next day still talking about their favorite puppet, or part of the story."
- Krista Hayden, teacher Salmon River, Elem., N.S

New Brunswick Performing Arts Concerts Program 2004-05

"This is the second year we've had the Maritime Marionettes at our school. The performance was excellent and held the children's attention well. All children and staff greatly enjoyed the performance."
- Ethel McGrath - Teacher & Enrichment Coordinator, St. Patricks School

"Excellent! It thoroughly captivated the audience - they were spell-bound. Best Children's performance yet."
- Mountainview Elementary, Cape Breton

Cousen Memorial & Lyman Elementary, Maine, USA

"Maritime Marionettes came to Lyman Eementary School and performed 'Land of the Little People' for grades K through 6. Students of all ages were glued to the performance and teachers hailed Maritime Marionettes as one of the best performances that has been at our school.

From my perspective this performance did it all: captivating story, ethical messages, visual artistry in the marionettes, performing artistry (including music) , and a good dose of wisdom and personal conquest. The truly amazing thing is that all this fit smoothly into the story without a distraction that it was trying to teach something."
- Jon Gale - Principal

July 2001 - World Puppetry Festival
L'Ardenne Charlesvilles - Mezieres, France

"The Canadians, Maritime Marionettes, deliver a classical and virtuoso adaptation of Stravinsky's ballet."

"The perfect complementary style and the masterful technique of the two marionettists, create a fluidly choreographed performance. The puppets twirl and pass from hand to hand without the slightest break in rhythm. In short the virtuosity of the two Canadian artists is undeniable."

"From this grand dance classic, Heather and Darryll Taylor have developed a classical adaptation...presented with virtuoso hands. The audience praised the performance without contest."
- Mathieu Dubois

Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils

Re: Maritime Marionettes

Heather and Darryll Taylor of Maritime Marionettes recently completed a seven-show tour for the Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils.

Heather and Darryll were very good to work with in advance of and during the tour - cooperative, dependable, and professional.

Evaluations are just now starting to trickle in; following are some of the comments that have been received:
"This was an excellent performance and all ages enjoyed it. Appreciated the Taylors taking time to talk about marionettes hands-on experience and photo opportunity." - Joanne Weiss, Assiniboia Arts Council.

"Heather and Daryl put on an awesome show. The sound quality was exceptional (even in our gym!). The Marionettes were awesome as was the way the team manipulated them." - Marilyn McCutcheon, Estevan Arts Council.

"We had a lot of children with their parents in our audience, and the show was thoroughly enjoyed by young and old alike. The artists very generously spent time after the show demonstrating the marionettes and technique." - Valerie Bell, Kipling & District Arts Council.

"The audience loved the show." - Kathy Strutt, Kindersley & District Arts Council.
I would not hesitate to recommend Maritime Marionettes as an excellent addition to any presenter's season.
- Karen Mondor - Performing Arts Coordinator
  Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Councils

OSAC Junior Concerts

I am pleased to recommend this performance. The wonderful set and effects captivate the students and the story is brought to life through the skill Darryll and Heather have in manipulating the marionettes. The response from audiences is reflected in the comments we received:
"Great! Awesome! One of the best so far!"

"It was a wonderful show, unlike anything we have seen before"

"Students enjoyed this new medium"
It was a pleasure to work with Heather and Darryll throughout this tour. The are very professional and extremely organized. Their tour was a great success and I highly recommend this performance.
- Beryl Madden - Performing Arts Coordinator
  Junior Concerts OSAC

Website Feedback

"I was wondering if you used to perform at the Kingston and District elementary school in Kingston, NS ? I went ther when I was a child, Im now 24. I have never forgotten how delightfull your work was, if this is in fact who I am looking for. Judging by the immaculate work on your marrionettes, it looks so. I have never gotten over your shows....Thank You"
- J. Anderson

"Hi there, Before I moved to Ontario, I was a volunteer Pre-school teacher in Glace Bay (Nova Scotia). We took the children to see you perform Molly and the Oak Island Treasure at the Savoy. I was in awe. I was so excited I volunteered to take another group of kids the next day. Top notch quality entertainment.

It was great. Words alone cannot describe the look on the children's faces as they witnessed what marionettes were all about, not to mention when Molly found the treasure...the glow from the treasure chest had them doing a double take. They loved it. So did I. Keep up the good work. I recommend that everyone should see your shows at least once...a year that is."
- K. Crawford


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